Welcome to Eskilstuna International Open 2022

The official website is now open for entries.

There will be three classes, Open Racing, Racing and Club.

The dates for the competition is set to 23-28 May with two official practice days 21-22 May. The airfield is open for competitors the week before the competition without any extra costs except towing.

Entrance fee is set to SEK 2.500, but all entries which is paid before the end of April gets a SEK 500 discount. In the fee is included two tickets to the closing party, access to the club facilities, camping, parking, wifi, sauna and swimming pool.

Ekeby airfield in Eskilstuna was the site of WGC 2006 and a major part of the organisation was also involved at that time. The organisation consists so far (in January) of Competition Director Mats Lundkvist, Project Manager Bosse Christenson, Head of towing Sakari Havbrandt, Grid master Göran Ohlsson, PR Manager Kent Kääntä, Scoring wizards Reno Filla and Pall Einarsson, Security officer Peter Wlassics, Club President Andreas Lundehn and many more.

The month of May is a very good time of the year in Sweden for gliding. In May we can see days with a cloudbase of 2500m+, snowstorms at high altitude, visibilities of over 100 km and still warm sunshine at the field. We are working on getting access to as much airspace as possible for long tasks.

Contact adress for questions and comments is comp#eskilstunaopen.se. (replace # with @) For entries, please use the form found under the menu “New entry”.