28 May

This day was also cancelled due to unusable weather. Next time we need to please the weather gods better. Anyway, we had some good flying days and people got to meet. See you again in two years!

27 May

Unfortunately another cancelled day due to bad flying weather. Tonight there will be a farewell party, starting at 19.00 in the briefing room. All pilots with crew and the competition crew is welcome! Other interrested club members are also very welcome to join.

26 May

The day is cancelled. More sacrifices to the weather goods is needed for the coming days.

25 May, Real-Time tracking

We have added a new menu item called “Real-Time tracking” This will take you to real-time data and presentation during the competition days.

24 May, second competition day

Today we have airspace to fly in after yesterdays disappointment. The towing started at 12.30 and most of the competitors finished their task. See the tasks and results at Soaring Spot. New briefing tomorrow at 10.00.