That´s it for this time. We´ll be back in 2020. See you then!


The winners

The Open Racing class:

From left, 2:nd place: Erlend Sørbye, Norge, winner and Swedish Champion: Gunnar Karlsson, Örebro SFK, 3:rd place and second place in the Swedish Nationals: Owe Engström, Eskilstuna FK, 4:th place and third place in the Swedish Nationals: Jan Hasslid, Karlstad SFK

From left, 2:nd place in the Swedish Nationals: Richard Swanström, Motala FK, Swedish Champion: Ronny Lindell, Landskrona FK, third place in the Swedish Nationals: Jan-Ola Nordh, Lidköping FK

From left, 2:nd: Jan-Hinnerk Scheel, Germany, winner: Per Carlin, Arboga SFK, third place: Christian Lang, Germany 

The wrap up

The last day was cancelled and here are the final results.

Open Racing class:
1, Gunnar Karlsson, Örebro SFK
2, Erlend Sørbye, Norge
3, Owe Engström, Eskilstuna FK

Racing Class:
1, Ronny Lindell, Landskrona FK
2, Richard Swanström, Motala FK
3, Jan-Ola Nordh, Lidköping FK

Club Class:
1, Per Carlin, Arboga SFK
2, Jan-Hinnerk Scheel, Germany
3, Christian Lang, Germany

Grid information

Please find information regarding grid and briefing on the left hand of this homepage. 

The official notice board

The official notice board has beed rigged to give you the latest updated information. It is placed outside the scoring office.

The webcam of Eskilstuna Flygklubb has been relocated so the internet community can se the information as well. 

For those who enjoy life on the clubhouse's porch, the official notice board is viewable from there as well.

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Welcome to Eskilstuna Open’s homepage! The competition has taken place many times since 1969, so often that we’ve lost count! What we do know is that the next competition will be held from the 5th to 12th of May 2018 at Ekeby airfield, Eskilstuna.

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